Cagliari in Taxi

cagliari in taxiCagliari, the life you want

Cagliari has a way of making you feel instantly at ease. Maybe it’s the sparkling clear sea, framed by long strips of sand and green headlands. This is Cagliari: one and many, depending on your point of view. A lively city, that not only enriches any visit but also makes you think that it would be a nice place to live too.
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Visit the city fast and comfortable

The best way to discover our city is a sightseeing tour with many destinations to choose from: City Hall, Piazza Yenne, Belvedere Buoncammino, Roman Amphitheater, Porta Cristina, Torre San Pancrazio, Cathedral, Duomo Museum, Bastion S. Remy, Belvedere Viale Europa , Poetto Beach and the Flamingos.
Prices valid for max 4 people

  • 1 hour tour – € 50
  • 2 hours tour – €95

Local Destination


It is a small village in central Sardinia situated right on the border of the provinces of Cagliari and Nuoro, known for the presence of the most important archaeological site on the island : the ancient Barumini Nuraghe. The property is located about 60 km from Cagliari, and is enclosed in the plateau of the Giara and the hill of Las Plassas.

The whole complex , which now looks like a massive castle , across different stages of evolution.
The oldest part is the central area with the tower that reached a height of 20 meters ( in 1470 BC ) , around which were then built four towers in the direction of the cardinal points , and thereafter all around the castle was built a defensive wall and a real village including dwellings , places of worship and assembly, which made him become a real military and religious center.

Abandoned and deserted for a long time , the village was repopulated during the domination Phoenician , Punic and Roman times but there is also some evidence in medieval times. The complex was brought to light by Prof. own Lilliu who in 1950 discovered what eventually was recognized several years later ( in 1997 ) as a world heritage protected by UNESCO.
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Taxi tour, including 3h wait and return € 200; prices valid for max 4 people.

South-East coastSouth-East coast

IFrom Cagliari and along the provincial road along the east coast , the visitor arrives after about 50 minutes to travel to a small village of just 3,000 inhabitants, but every year is a favorite destination for tens of thousands of tourists from all over the world. We’re talking about Villasimius, famous tourist resort in the south-eastern Sardinia in summer gets to count up to 60,000 people in a single month. The reason for this success is to be found in its beautiful coast.

But Villasimius is not just beaches and sea in this part of Sardinia are many nightclubs, pizzerias, restaurants and nightclubs that make this center one of the most coveted by even the most young people attracted by the nightlife.
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Taxi tour, including 3h wait and return € 200; prices valid for max 4 people.


«The Iberians, after Aristeo, moved to Sardinia under the guidance of Norace and from them the city of Nora was founded, and handed down that this was the first city on the island. It is said that Norace was the son of Hermes and of Eritheia, daughter of Geryon. »Pausanias, Periegeses of Greece.

Nora is an ancient city, built near pre-existing Nuragic settlements, of Phoenician foundation and later Punic and Roman, capital of the people of the Noritani. It is located on the promontory of Capo Pula, on the southern coast of Sardinia west of Cagliari, currently in the municipality of Pula.

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Taxi tour, including waiting for 3h and return € 150; prices valid for max 4 people.







We will take you to the most prestigious events in the most important cities of Sardinia, at any event, fair, party you want to participate. Our experience and knowledge of the roads will ensure you arrive at your destination on time and without problems. Through preferential lanes and municipal passes you will have direct access to the entrance of the event, without parking thoughts or queues.

You decide the destination and we will take care of the details!


Sartiglia of Oristano

La Sartiglia is a race to the star that is held on the last Sunday and Tuesday of carnival in Oristano, where carnival and Sartiglia are practically synonymous. It is one of the oldest equestrian events that still take place in the Mediterranean area and one of the most spectacular and choreographic forms of Carnival in Sardinia. It echoes rites of agrarian regeneration.

The term Sartiglia derives from the Castilian Sortija, in turn derived from the Latin sorticula, or ring, and retains in itself the diminutive sors, fortune. The origins of the carousel sink into the ancient military knightly tournaments, in the race to the ring that has been handed down in Oristano in the variant of the star. It consists in the attempt of the riders to hit the target hung on a green ribbon, defying fate.

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Taxi tour, round trip € 150 (plus possible waiting € 26 / h); prices valid for max 4 people.

Autumn in Barbagia

Cortes Apertas (Autumn in Barbagia) is the event that involves more than 30 countries of Sardinia and takes place between September and December every year. Dorgali, Sarule, Tonara, Aritzo, Orgosolo, Nuoro, Mamoiada and Teti open their courtyards (cortes) in a big party to give life to the enhancement of the enogastronomic heritage and local craftsmanship. Tourists and visitors can take part in handicraft workshops and attend live the realization of artifacts in leather, fabric, wood, the processing of Sardinian knife, ceramics and of course taste the delicacies of local food. In each location visitors will have access to services connected to the event, hotels, typical restaurants, craft shops and excursions and tourist packages to visit the archaeological and natural sites.

Tours by taxi, depending on the destination, round trip from € 200 (plus possible waiting € 26 / h); prices valid for max 4 people.

Mountain Produce

Every year, in autumn, Desulo renews its appointment with “La Montagna Produce”, festival of typical products and cultural showcase of the country. As usual, two will be the key places where La Montagna Produce will take place: the building and the historic center of Ovolaccio. In fact, in the external courtyard of the schools, the fair of typical desulesi products will be set up. Here you can discover meats, cheeses, nougat and wood crafts. The classrooms of the school will host, however, various exhibitions (photography, paintings, watermark) and one on the First World War, with testimonies and photos of the desulesi at the front.

Taxi tour, round trip € 225 (plus possible waiting € 26 / h); prices valid for max 4 people.